Professional Gloss Varnish, 118ml (4oz)

Brand: Liquitex


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Added: July 2021


The final part of the process? A varnish to seal and protect your finished work from dirt, dust and UV damage. To help you find the ideal format, we make 11 professional acrylic varnishes to use on all types of artwork, inside and outdoors. Choose from different surface sheens, application methods - spray or brush-on - and permanent or removable options. Our iconic Soluvar range allows you to periodically lift the varnish and reapply a fresh coat, while Gloss Spray increases color saturation and is ideal for heavily textured or vertical applications.

Seal your acrylic work with a transparent, gloss acrylic layer which is breathable, permanent and protects against UV damage.


Liquitex Professional is a line of high-quality art supplies designed for professional artists and serious amateurs. The line includes acrylic paints, mediums, markers, and varnishes with high-quality pigments for excellent lightfastness and color brilliance. Known for their versatility, these art supplies allow artists to achieve a range of techniques and effects. Liquitex Professional is a popular choice among artists for its consistency, durability, and ability to meet the demands of various art styles and techniques.

Professional acrylic gessoes, mediums, additives and varnishes - to prep your surfaces all the way through to protecting your finished work.

Each medium is uniquely formulated to deliver a different result. From gloss gels to experimental texture effects and finishes, each lets you adjust your paint to suit your practice.

  • Permanent

  • Flexible and non-cracking

  • Non-yellowing

  • Improve adhesion and durability