Acrylic Marker, Fine - Titanium White

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Liquitex Professional is a line of high-quality art supplies designed for professional artists and serious amateurs. The line includes acrylic paints, mediums, markers, and varnishes with high-quality pigments for excellent lightfastness and color brilliance. Known for their versatility, these art supplies allow artists to achieve a range of techniques and effects. Liquitex Professional is a popular choice among artists for its consistency, durability, and ability to meet the demands of various art styles and techniques.

Acrylic Marker: Professional fine art acrylic paint, in a portable marker

A new way to paint. No brush. Just the finest quality professional acrylic paint in a fine art, marker-style pen.

Acrylic Marker gives you the ultimate control. Made with highly lightfast artist-quality pigments in a choice of two sizes, with replaceable nibs.


  • Made with fine art pigment

  • Precise control

  • Highly lightfast

  • Satin finish

  • Doesn't move when varnished

  • Range of opacities


  • Sketching

  • Fine detail

  • Textiles

  • Collage & mixed media

Pure Pigments

This is a fine art paint marker. Made with fine art materials. You can rely on the highest quality professional paint when you use Acrylic Marker. Pigments are processed using the latest basket bead-mill technology, where tiny reinforced ceramic beads give fine dispersion, great color development, strength and brightness. You get true color purity and archival stability in a pen. They're also safe to use. Acrylic Markers are independently tested by the Art and Creative Materials Institute at Duke University, and hold the Approved Safety (AP) seal.

How To Use

  • Activate it with a good shake to thoroughly mix the paint

  • Press the nib down a few times on scrap material to open the internal valve and start the flow - paint is released whenever the nib is depressed, so don't overwork it as you'll get too much paint

  • When paint appears on the nib, pause and wait until it's stopped travelling down the fibers before pressing it again. Then, when it's adequately saturated, test the flow on scrap material and you are good to go

  • Repeat as necessary as you work and remember to keep the lid on when not in use, to stop the paint evaporating


Water-soluble when wet, yet permanent and water resistant when dry. You get the best of both worlds. Once applied, all the water in the paint evaporates quickly to leave a flexible acrylic film of color behind. This is permanent and doesn't move - which means you can overpaint or varnish without bleeding to achieve multi-layered surface effects.


Sheer or solid color, or something in between? Each pigment has its own unique natural character and this dictates its opacity. Our professional acrylic paint is formulated to let the pigment express itself fully, so you have a choice of opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colors to help you achieve a range of effects. Check the opacity symbol on the barrel.


  • Too much paint coming out? It's usually because you're pushing down too hard (or often) on the nib. Fix it by wiping away the excess paint, don't pump the nib and your marker should be good to go again

  • Dirty nib? If the paint is still wet, take the nib out and rinse it with warm water. If it's dried-on paint or it's simply looking a bit worn out, go for a replacement nib. They're easy to fit and will return your markers to full precision. Choose from a pack of 15mm nibs for the wide marker, or the mixed pack of 2mm bullet and chisel nibs for the fine marker

  • Paint not flowing smoothly? It probably needs a good shake to mix the formula properly. Remember to store your markers horizontally to avoid heavier elements settling in the valve


On a client's wall. In a gallery. Your work needs to stay as you intended. As with all Liquitex products, the pigments in Acrylic Marker have passed extensive tests for lightfastness. Each pigment is rated according to the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), and we only use pigments rated ASTM I or II*. This means your work will have the greatest archival permanence possible - at least 50 years+ in gallery conditions - with no color shifting or fading, to stay vibrant and true.

*Fluorescent and metallic pigments are naturally less lightfast.